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About Us

Massage therapy is a healing art, and with the right approach and knowledge, a massage therapist can change your life. 




Massage Therapist

“My goal is to help people learn more about self-care and to assist them on their wellness journey.”

I discovered the healing art of massage in 2014, after years of working in the medical field, I discovered my passion and purpose. 


At the Burke Williams Academy of Massage Therapy, I studied massage and Reiki with some of the best therapists in the field. Over the past eight years, I have specialized in deep tissue massage, myofascial release, Swedish massage, stretching, and pregnancy massage. I enjoy helping others realize their ultimate health goals and physical improvements. I bring relief to people suffering from past injuries, chronic pain conditions, headaches and generalized stress.  

My approach to healing marries massage therapy and Reiki. By treating both the mind and body, I believe that creating harmony between the two will help enrich your life. We can never know enough about the mind, body and spirit connection—l am always studying and learning new ways to relax, destress, and refocus energy. I am passionate about my work and the community that therapy creates.

"Massage made a difference in my life and I strive to make a difference in the lives of every person I touch."

Suffering from back pain after a sedentary secretarial job, I first discovered the healing power of massage therapy as a client. My own physical transformation inspired me to become a student of the healing arts and has, indeed, become my mission in life. 


20 years later, I am even more passionate about using bodywork to heal. I have helped clients correct muscular and postural imbalances, increase range of motion, and simply move easier with less pain. 


Massage made a difference in my life and I strive to make a difference in the lives of every person I touch.




Massage Therapist

We Are Currently Serving the Oak Hill Area

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