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Past Retreat

Lotus Ranch
Wimberley, Texas

Friday, March 10 - Sunday, March 12, 2023


“A woman is unstoppable after she realizes she deserves better.”

Recenter and find your inner strength at our hill country retreat to Lotus Ranch in Wimberley.

 Wellness Redefined

Relax into a weekend of fun, self-discovery, and communion with like-minded women as we embrace the benefits of self care and the empowering support of the divine feminine power. 

Take a deep breath, release, relax, and run rampant. Rediscover the woman you were before you were somebody’s wife, mother and/or boss. We'll take you beyond the physical side of self care into the inner self that has been waiting to be heard. Belly laugh and revel in the freedom of fun. While journaling and reflecting on your past, use this weekend as a time to let go and recharge.

We need and deserve a reset. So let's take a Pause.

Enjoy sound baths, Tai Chi, self-massage lessons, mindful meditation, hiking, a day trip to beautiful downtown Wimberley, belly dancing, red carpet walk, and a therapeutic massage. ​

Use coupon code EARLYBIRD at checkout to enjoy a $100 discount through February 20th.


Our retreats are designed to help you release, recharge and refocus you energy. Helping you find and reconnect to your purpose. 


What you think, you become, what you feel, you attract, what you imagine you create.




The voice of the guide eases you into a meditative state and helps to refocus and re-establish the meditative state should the mind wander, as it often does.



This ancient, Chinese martial art -- through slow, gentle movements -- strengthens the body, improves balance, increases flexibility and joint mobility. Improving movement quality improves the quality of your life.



Luxuriate in the warmth of trained hands kneading sore, stiff, muscles. Relax into the release of tension, feel your body and mind unwind, allow yourself to drift into bliss.


Belly Dancing

Get in touch with your inner goddess. Belly dancing celebrates the female form in all its glory. You are divinely feminine. Now, let's dance!


Sound Bath

Waves of sound wash over and massage your body while harmonizing with your brain's waves creating a sense of deep relaxation.  Arise feeling rested, calm and at peace.


Red Carpet Walk

With a splash of red to end the retreat, we will celebrate our wins while releasing our losses. It's time to walk confidently into our purpose.

"I attended a women's retreat with these ladies in Tennessee and had the best time. I work in a high stress industry, and I have a separate business that keeps me on the go constantly. Thanks to Lori and Troya, I make time to take care of myself and I have an arsenal of tools to help me... and I had fun learning them!"
- Romaine M.

Meet Your Retreat Leaders

With a combined 30 years of experience working in the wellness industry, Troya and Lori are excited to bring that knowledge to inform the format and content of this women's retreat. They have hosted corporate retreats and small group events for the past five years. During that time they have fine-tuned and crafted experiences that stick with participants beyond the fleeting joy of a weekend getaway.

Unlike other retreats, we have a strong focus on growth and follow-up to make sure each participant is meeting the goals they set for themselves. Through the retreat, we aim to build a community of women to help guide and support one another.
Troya Rollins

When Troya Rollins discovered the healing art of massage in 2014, she knew she'd found a new passion and purpose. She left the medical field and studied at the esteemed Burke Williams Academy of Massage Therapy.


Troya began coaching and leading retreats as she saw the need for her clients to repair their inner selves along with their bodies. She fosters awareness of the mind > body > spirit connection by facilitating new ways to relax, destress, and refocus energy.

Her healing modalities include deep tissue and Swedish massage, myofascial release, stretching, sound therapy, and pregnancy massage. She can bring relief to people suffering from past injuries, chronic pain conditions, headaches, and stress.

Troya is passionately committed to the creation of community. She believes that in working together, like-minded people can create a culture where they can be themselves and realize their most lofty goals.

troya-lori co founders
Lori Claxton-Anthony

Lori Claxton-Anthony entered the field of health and wellness 20 years ago as a massage therapist after careers as a legal secretary, freelance writer, and real estate agent. A perpetual student and ever curious, over the years she has explored Ayurveda, meditation, hypnotherapy, Tai-Chi, sound healing, aromatherapy, Tarot, Reiki, and multiple massage modalities (Myoskeletal Alignment, Myofascial Release, Tuina, Lomi Lomi).  


She has always considered herself to be a healer and in seeking to combine her life experience, love for learning and passion for healing into a meaningful experience she can share with others, she obtained her certification as a life coach.


Working daily to become the best, most authentic version of herself, she hopes to help other women and men to do the same.


The Lotus Ranch is a certified wildlife habitat and retreat center located on 40 enchanting acres just west of Wimberley, Texas. Most rooms are double occupancy. Locally sourced* and prepared healthy vegetarian meals are included in the retreat package.
*As seasonally available. Please alert us to special diet needs at least one week prior.



Sign up by February 20th and receive a $100 discount off the full price of $650.

Price includes double occupancy room, all meals, and all retreat activities (including a massage!).

Troya is a gifted Life Coach an intuitive masseuse. Everything about our sessions is great. She zoomed in on my stress-laden areas both physically and emotionally; she made me feel so much better. During the time we spent together I was able to relax and find my inner child again. I received a call and a text [from her] asking about my progress. It was so worth it. Please be kind to yourself; if you have the opportunity to work with her at a retreat, do it. She is warm, caring, personable and passionate about helping you become the very best version of yourself. Do yourself a favor and sign up.    


Itinerary Highlights

Friday, March 10th
12:00 pm - Arrival, check-in, welcome baskets

5:00 - Dinner

Saturday, March 11th
8:00 - Breakfast

12:00 - Lunch

5:00 - Dinner


Sunday, March 12th
8:00 - Breakfast
12:00 - Goodbyes

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