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What is Deep Tissue Massage

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

deep tissue massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Contrary to popular belief, deep tissue massage does not mean sticking the point of an elbow

into tissue until the client yells “stop!”

Deep tissue uses the gliding strokes of Swedish massage to warm up the muscles and fascia

and to allow the therapist to palpate the tissue to locate strained muscle fibers and trigger

points. Once located, the therapist will focus on those areas, slowly applying the amount of

force the tissue requires.

Deep tissue massage is effective in reducing the intensity of chronic musculoskeletal pain

conditions and recovery from sports injury. It helps to reduce restrictive barriers and fibrous

adhesions between layers of fascial tissue which results in improved functionality and range of


While deep tissue can be uncomfortable for some people, it shouldn’t be unbearably painful.

During the massage, feel free to let your therapist know if the pressure has become too much.

You should get up from a deep tissue massage feeling looser and more comfortable and

capable in your body.

Experience a Deep Tissue Massage at our Bungalow 7 Wellness Spa

Or we can come to you. Servicing Lakeway, Four Points, and zip codes: 78740, 78732, 78734, and 78738.

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