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retreat and mindlfulness


Join us for an Exclusive 4-Day Experience
October 20 — 24

waterfront view

A waterfront view in Burnet, Texas.

Meet the Team

Make beautiful connections with amazing women while working with Emmy award winner Romaine Markus-Myers on finding your inner and outer beauty.

Available Lodging

Private King Room


3 available

Double Bed Bunk


With bath

4 available

Bunk Bed


6 available

Trundle Bed


1 available



What you think, you become, what you feel, you attract, what you imagine you create.




The voice of the guide eases you into a meditative state and helps to refocus and re-establish the meditative state should the mind wander, as it often does.



Luxuriate in the warmth of trained hands kneading sore, stiff, muscles. Relax into the release of tension, feel your body and mind unwind, allow yourself to drift into bliss.


Sound Bath

Waves of sound wash over and massage your body while harmonizing with your brain's waves creating a sense of deep relaxation.  Arise feeling rested, calm and at peace.


Morning Stretch 

"Engage in gentle morning stretches to stimulate blood flow effortlessly." Followed by a walk alone with lake to connect with the earth.


Outer Beauty

"Experience a personalized 1-on-1 beauty makeover with Romaine, centered entirely on you, as she imparts easy-to-follow makeup and hair tips to help you achieve stunning looks."


Professional Photo


"Let us capture your new look for your business bios, accompanied by beautiful photos that celebrate your true essence in all its glory."

"I attended the women's retreat with these ladies in Wimberley and had the best time. I enjoyed the red carpet walk and getting to know the other women. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.


night sky

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